Monday, January 25, 2010

8 months old

January 15, 2010 Riley turned 8 months old! She has been a very busy little girl. Riley has learned to crawl regular now. She no longer "army crawls".She has also learned how to pull herself up on her lion walker and has learned how to walk behind it without falling down. She also loves her walker that she sits in. Riley defiantly wants to mobile all the time. She doesn't really sit still anymore. Where ever we are she wants to be too. I have found her a couple of times in the bathroom shredding the toilet paper into tiny little pieces! She pulls herself up on everything. We defiantly have to keep our eye on her. She has really wanted to play with the cat lately too. Too bad that Mesha doesn't feel the same way. Hopefully when Riley is a little older Mesha will like her and want to be around Riley.

Riley has tried her first cheerios and doesn't seem to like them very much. She also has been given pancakes with syrup and she doesn't like those either! I'm thinking that we will try some bananas to see what she thinks of those. She is still trying her sippy cup. She still doesn't have it down that she need to suck on it, instead she chews on it and then gives one suck and then she is done. We have given her apple juice and recently she has had some orange juice.

Riley really loves her bath time too! Just the other day she decided that she wants to stand in the tub. So now its a constant up and down with her while we try to bath her. She loves to play with Samuel when I watch him. She loved to go over to him and touch him so I really have to keep my eye on her or she will just run him over. I cant wait until he gets mobile and they both can play together without worries.

She is still getting 4 bottle @ 8oz each a day. She is also eating 2 jars a day. She is taking 3 naps a day which are 1 hour long each. She has been going down for the night around 9:30-10 and waking at 8am. She weighs 19.5 pounds and is 28 inches long

Riley walking behind her lion walker 7 months old

Riley eating cheerios for the first time 7 months old

Riley offically crawls 7 months

Riley playing her in walker 7 months old

Riley playing with her toy lion 7 month old

Riley playing with her new toys from xmas 7 months old

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Random pictures from 7 months old

Here are more pictures of Riley from day to day. She has been pulling herself up on all her toys and the ottoman! She loves to play with Samuel even though he is still too small for her. Got some cute pictures of bath time. Riley tried her first cheerios and was a little unsure about them.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Playing with her toys

December 27th, 2009 I captured some pictures of Riley standing behind her new walker. She was very proud of herself. She just kept smiling and talking. She moved the walker but then doesn't move her feet. So Adam or I have to mover her feet for her! She just recently tried moving her feet but she still is learning.

Riley stayed up past midnight on New Years and helped rang it in with us.

Riley has been "army crawling" for about a month now. The other day she crawled regular!! She only goes a little ways before she goes back to army crawling. Soon enough she will have it down and then I will be in BIG trouble!!! Riley still LOVES her walker. Every time she goes in it she is off. She knows how to go every which way in it. I now close our bedroom doors when I have her in it or she will go into the room I wont be able to see her. Adam decided to move Mesha's bowls of water and food into the closet that we have the little box in. Riley for some reason loves to go down the hallway that the cats food is in and run it over in the walker. Adam felt that it would be better for Mesha and the food to be put somewhere else!

Riley is still eating 4 bottles a day at 8 oz each. She is now eating 2 jars of food a day too. One of fruits and one of veggies. We are still teaching her about her slippy cup. Some days she has it down and others she has no idea what to do with it.

Riley is sleeping through the night. Sometimes she wake during the night but has been putting herself back to sleep. She is still taking 4 naps a day. They still range from 30 min to an hour. Her bedtime is still 10:30ish and I know that is late but she will NOT go down at 7 for the rest of the evening. I'm okay with 10:30 because that means she doesn't get up until 8ish. I get to sleep in :)

Riley also has been talking up a storm!! She says "Ma ma" and sometimes "Da da" She has said "Hi" twice now but she only said it at my parents house with my family there. I know strange!

Riley's first Christmas 2009

December 25th, 2009 Was Riley's very first Christmas! We woke up at 8 and got some breakfast and then opened our presents. Riley got to open a gift from Andee & Jim Madigan. They are my parents friends from Texas and they sent Riley some outfits for Christmas. Riley had lots of fun trying to open her gifts. Adam and I had to help her since she really didn't understand what was going on. We went over to my parents house for Christmas dinner with my family. Riley got to open up lots and lots of gifts from her Nana & Papa and also from Uncle Bryan & Aunt Leigh. Riley got some very nice gifts from all of them and she loved playing with them!

We came back home and Riley got to open all her Christmas gifts from Adam's parents who couldn't make it to Christmas. She got even more toys and clothing. I took some pictures of Riley and all her toys the day after Christmas. I had to put some together and then thought I really need a picture of her and all the toys she got.

More 7 month pictures

I had some more pictures of Riley leading up to Christmas so I thought I should post them. Riley and Samuel playing, Riley with her first beer :) on my birthday and all the rest of the pictures are from Lisa & Rich's couple baby shower that was on December 23rd, 2009. We decided to bring Riley along with us. It's a good thing we did bring her because Santa made an appearance and that was her very first time to see him and she even got to sit on his lap. She was very good she didn't cry at all. Santa brought her a slippy cup with her name on it! Riley had a great time playing with Austin ( Lisa's nephew) It was very cute. Every time Austin got up to leave she cried. I think she had her first crush!