Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Riley 7 months old

December 15, 2009 Riley turned 7 months old! She has been a very busy little girl. She can now go every which way in her walker. Every time we put her in it she goes right for the Christmas tree. Riley has started to "army crawl" on the floor. She uses her arms and one foot to get her all around. If she doesn't get there fast enough she will just roll instead. She is defiantly on the move now and pretty soon we wont be able to take our eyes off of her.

She is still eating 4 bottles a day @ 8 oz each. She is eating jar food also 3-4 times a day. She is still taking pretty good naps. She gets 3-4 naps a day ranging from 30 minutes up to an hour each. Her bed time is around 10ish or so and she wakes in the morning around 8. Her weight is 19 pounds and she is 27 inches long.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

First time at the zoo

December 14th, 2009 Was Riley's very first time at the zoo! We decided to go because the weather was nicer than it had been and most likely wasn't going to ever get warmer again until spring time. It seemed like all of Columbus decided to go on Monday night to see the Christmas lights. Riley did very well. She didn't fuss at all the whole time we were there. She looked at all the lights and animals. We took her into the reptile building and the aquarium. She really liked watching the turtles swim around. She also loved seeing the brightly colored fish. We were there for 2 hours and she fell asleep an hour and 45 minuted into it. No too bad. We just had to get a picture of her passed out.

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

November 28th, 2009 We went and got our first ever real Christmas tree. We went down the street and purchased it from a tree lot. We couldn't decide which one we wanted so we asked one of the men working which one would be better. The guy told us of the tree we got that it was the best for smell, not losing needles and living the longest. We got it home and untied it and started decorating! It is a very beautiful tree and fits just right in our house. I'm thinking that this should be a yearly tradition for our family going and getting a real tree.

6 month random pictures

Here are some random pictures of Riley 6 months old. 2 of them are of her looking at herself in the 3 way mirror in the bathroom at Tuttle mall. She really liked and I think a little confused by the whole thing too. 2 Pictures of Riley tackling Adam.The last 2 pictures of her in her new bounce chair that she LOVES!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving video of Riley eating mashed potatoes

This last video is of Riley trying her very first ever mashed potatoes and cranberries! She loved them and thank god because the Hartig family LOVES mashed potatoes. She might not look like me but she sure got my taste for good food! In the video is Riley, Adam, Papa and Nana Hartig. Oh and yes I got a quick shot of Uncle Bryan

Thanksgiving Video #3

This 3rd video from thanksgiving is of everyone in the kitchen waiting for Uncle Bryan (my brother) to show up! We have Riley with Grandy & Grandpa Tindall, Aunt Briana, Nana & Papa Hartig

Thanksgiving video #2

This video is of Riley with her Aunt Briana and Grandpa Tindall on thanksgiving day!

Riley's first Thanksgiving video #1

This is a video of Riley's first thanksgiving. Video #1 out of 4. We had just gotten to my parents house and I wanted to start getting video of the big day! The video shows Riley, Adam and my parents known to Riley as Nana and Papa Hartig

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Riley's first Thanksgiving

November 26th, 2009 was Riley's very first Thanksgiving! We all went over to my parents house for the Hartig/ Tindall Thanksgiving. We were missing two of our family members Leigh and Tim. Hopefully next year we can get everyone together. Riley got to taste her first pumpkin pie, whipped cream, cranberries, cheesecake and mashed potatoes! Mashed potatoes are a trade mark in the Hartig dinners so it was a big deal that she liked them :)

Video of the day to come!!

6 months old

November 15th, 2009 Riley turned 6 months old. She is constantly on the go. She is sitting up all by herself. She keeps going onto her stomach like she is trying to crawl. She hasn't gotten the concept of putting her legs under her and moving back and forth yet. Soon enough we will have a crawler on our hands and I cant wait!!

On November 17th I started Samuel our neighbors little boy. Him and Riley are exactly 4 months apart from each other to the day. He is super cute and has the best smile. He is defiantly going to break some hearts when he gets older. Riley seems to really enjoy him. She likes to pull his hair, clothing and likes pretty much to just touch him. Samuel will lay on the ground and watch her move about.

Riley has been holding her bottle while she eats which has been a big help on the days I have Sam and they both need to eat at the same time. Riley is still getting 4 bottles a day with 8 oz. of formula. She hasn't been eating all of the bottles sometimes she leaves 3 oz. in the bottle and others she just sucks it down. She is also getting 3-4 times a day jar food. She is really enjoying the food. She now gets excited when she sees the jars and even opens her mouth for the spoon.