Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Riley dancing to the music off the tv 13 months old

The Ohio State Fair

Monday August 2nd, 2010 Was our second annual Ohio State Fair trip! Last year just Nana and I took Riley but this year Adam took the day off and so did Papa, uncle Bryan and Nana! So pretty much the Hartig & Tindall families invaded the fair :)

We got there early and started off. We saw lots of animals. Horses, cows, chickens and dogs. We did a little shopping and lots of eating! It was hot of course but we made it through the whole fair. We were there for 4 hours and all of us we exhausted. Until next year..

14 months old

July 15, 2010 Riley turned 14 months old! We have been going to the zoo, playing at the pool, play dates on Fridays and even went to the Dublin Irish Festival.

I had been taking Riley & Sam every week to the zoo but it started getting very hot and humid out so I had to stop going. Adam, me and Riley went Sunday August 8th to the zoo and it was Adam's only 3rd time going with Riley. We lucked out going at 10:30am. There was no one there and we got to see lots of animals and even got to get up close to them which never happens! On Saturday August 7th we went to the Dublin Irish Festival with aunt Briana, Matt & Brooke. We had a great time. We ate, listened to music and of course shopped!! We stayed for 4 hours. Riley was pooped when we left. Put her in the car and she was asleep for the night in 2 minutes, no joke! It has been so nice getting to be around aunt Briana, Matt & Brooke lately. We have had some great weekends with them the last couple of weeks :)

Every Friday Riley has a play date with 4 other mothers and babies. This coming Friday August 13th is going to be Riley last play date. I got a job at a daycare and Riley will be going to the school with me everyday. I will be working in the infant room 6weeks - 12 month olds. Riley will be going to the older infants room which is kids that are 12 months to 18 months old. Adam and I took her in the other day so she could see her room and so Adam could meet the teacher and see what room she is going to be in. Riley seemed to really enjoy it and I'm thinking its going to be great for her to be around more kids that are at the same point she is at.

Riley has been going down at night around 8:30ish and waking 12 hours later (8am) She is taking only 1 nap a day now and I am trying to get her onto the daycare schedule to make it easier for when I start work. She gets her regular breakfast ( pancakes, waffles, french toast sticks and fruit) She hasn't been really eating her lunch lately at all. Maybe a couple of bites here and there. She then gets a snack which she always eats then its dinner time. Well, she really isn't eating her dinner either.

Her 15 month check up is on August 13th. I will be bringing up the not eating to the doctor and we will have to see what she says about it.