Monday, February 22, 2010

9 months old

February 15th, 2010 Riley turned 9 months old. We went to the doctors for her check up and everything is good as usual. She weighs 19.4 pounds and 28 inches long. She is still in the 75% for both which is good. She also got her second H1N1 shot at this visit. It was the only shot she got. She goes back for her 1 year check up in 3 months and then she will be getting a couple of shots.

Riley has been trying different foods lately. She seems to like pretty much everything. She really seems to like pasta. Adam gave her a powdered doughnut and of course she loved it. She has also been given chocolate pudding which I'm thinking must be her all time favorite!! She is still getting 4 bottles a day at 8 oz. each. She is also getting 2 jars a day too. She drinks out of her sippy cup every time she gets jar food. She has been going down at night around 9:30ish and waking at 8am. She also takes 3 naps a day at 1 hour each.

It has been snowing here and finally the other day I decided to take Riley outside in it. It was her first time in the snow and she did like it. She was smiling and really liking it. It was very bright out and the wind was blowing the snow everywhere. At least she enjoyed it. She barely made a dent in the snow. When we came inside she decided to pick up the tiny snow pieces that fell off our clothing and eat them.

Riley has been moving and grooving all around the house. She is EVERYWHERE!!! Soon enough she will be walking. She loves her walker and the lion she walks behind. She is always crawling into the bedrooms, bathrooms and the kitchen. Defiantly have to keep our eyes on her. She has started to wave again. We stay "Hi" and wave and "Bye" and wave but we don't know if she truly understands yet. She likes to wave at anything and everything. She has been saying "da da" and "ma ma" here and there. Not sure on this one either if she really knows what she is saying. Sometimes she calls me dada and Adam mama.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Riley standing

Riley has started to stand by herself here and there lately. I wanted to get it on video. Sorry that her head is cut off but this video is better than another one I did.

Riley copying what Adam says

The other night Adam said "ka" and Riley decided to copy him and so I ran and got the video camera. Enjoy :)

More 8 month pictures

Here are some more pictures of Riley. I have gotten some pic's of her in the bathroom playing with the toilet paper again!! Her other favorite thing to do is stand at the window and look outside. She also likes to stand at the sliding glass door. I pulled out her rocking horse so she could play with it. She is still too small but she sure loved standing by it. I did get her on it and bounced her and she had the biggest smile on her face. I cant wait until she is big enough to get on and off of it by herself. I had a lunch date with Canady and I got Riley all dressed for the occasion. She just looked so cute I just had to take some pictures of her. Riley did leave her boots on too! That's a big step for her. She usually kicks them rights off. Riley's other favorite thing to do is go into her room and pull out all the diapers, bibs and blankets. After my last post Riley now can drink out of her sippy cup all by herself. We don't need to hold it at all. She loves apple juice and orange juice. It has been snowing here a lot the last couple of days and I wanted to take her out into so she could sit/play in it. I got her all dressed in her snow gear and it just fit her and then she started to complain. So we never went outside but I did get some pics of her in her outfit.