Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Update!!!! Update!!!! Update!!!

Sorry it has taken me a month and a half to update the blog! I just uploaded 7 videos of Riley starting with her opening her gifts from Adam & I. They all wont be on this page so you will have to look at the page before this one. I will never wait this long again to do the blog, it was way too much work and time to get all this on here. I hope you enjoy all the new videos and pictures :)

July 2, 3 & 4 th weekend 13 months

July 2,3 & 4, 2010. What a big busy weekend we all had. Friday July 2nd was central Ohio big fireworks show red, white & boom. We didn't go down but we watched it on tv! Riley stayed up and got to see them too. Saturday July 3rd was Dublin's fireworks show and before hand we went over to our friends house and had a cookout played a little corn hole game and then packed up and went to the fireworks. This was Riley's very first fireworks show and she did great! She loved them. She kept pointing and saying ohhh. There was music playing along to the fireworks and she was swaying back and forth to it. So cute!!! Sunday July 4th was Jason & Emily's July 4th bbq party. Got Riley all dressed in her red, white & blue outfit and headed over to the party. July 4th was by far the hottest, stickiest day so far this summer. We had lots of food, fun, laughter and drinks. My friend Lisa stopped over with her little girl Kylie who is 4 1/2 months old. Riley was very interested in Kylie and really wanted to play with her. Just think next year we will have another little baby running around, baby Liebert!!!

Playing at our friends house before the fireworks 13 months

July 3, 2010 we went over to our friends house before we all headed over to the Dublin fireworks. Got a little video of Riley running around outside. She was a little freaked out by the dog but then warmed up to him since he doesn't bark or jump on her.

Playing on the couch 13 months

Rileys new fun thing to do is running on the couch all day long. Finally got a video of it

13 months old

June 15, 2010 Riley turned 13 months old! She does so much now. She now knows how to get off and on her rocking horse all by herself. She even knows how to rock it back and forth. She now learned how to get onto the couch and off of it too. She loves to be on the couch and runs back and forth on it all day long. She has a ball that she loves to throw. She even knows what the ball is when you say "go get the ball" she goes over and gets it. She made her first picture the other day and now it is hanging on the refrigerator. We are now those people :) She says mama, dada, hi, waves hi and waves bye. says uh oh and ca for cat. She got another tooth at the beginning on June. So now she has 6 teeth total. 3 on top and 3 on bottom. Right now she is cutting another upper tooth!

She goes down at night around 8sih sometimes later and wakes 8-9ish. She was for a about 2 weeks only taking 1 nap a day but she has just recently gone back to two naps a day. I guess she still needed it since she is none stop all day long. She eats breakfast which is pancakes, waffles and fruit. She has lunch which is peanut butter & jelly, grilled cheese, noodles and fruit. Snack is anything pretty much, fruit bars, animals crackers, fruit, crackers. Then for dinner she eats what we eat so its chicken, steak, brauts, hamburgers, veggie, fruit. She eats anything which is very nice!!

Riley playing in cabinet 1 year old

May 28, 2010 I had left open the cabinet in the kitchen and Riley decided to climb into it and play with everything. She decided to clean it out for me! I'm glad I got it on video

Playing in her new sandbox video

Riley playing in her new sandbox from Nana & Papa Hartig. She got the sandbox for her bithday. She loves it!!!

Rileys 1st birthday Party video

May 16, 2010 Was Riley's 1st birthday party!! I made her, her very own birthday cake which she didn't come close to finishing but hats okay it was a pretty big cake for one little person. We all sang happy birthday to her :)

Riley eating her b-day cupcake

May 15,2010 Riley eating her birthday cupcake that I made for her. We sang happy b-day and it took a little bit for her to start eating the cupcake.

Opening her b-day gifts from Adam & I

May 15, 2010 Riley is one!!! This video is of her opening her gifts from Adam & I.