Saturday, November 20, 2010

Riley's stay at childrens hospital 16 months

September 16th, 2010 My poor little lady had only been at the daycare for 3 weeks and in that short time she came down with diarrhea and then got croup!!! Another kid in her class had gotten croup and spread it through her room. Riley caught it on a Tuesday ( which we didnt know) and by Wednesday morning she was coughing with a bark and wheezing. Adam took her to the doctor while I was at work. The doctor conformed that it was croup and gave her a steroid shot and sent them home. The steroid shot worked like a champ and she seemed so much better by Wednesday afternoon. Well on Thursday morning she was starting to sound bad again. It was too late for me to call off work so I took her in with me and told her teachers to let me know asap if she got worse. I went to lunch and got a call from work saying that she seemed bad and I needed to come back and get her. I went and got her and she was 100% worse then what she sounded like that morning. I rushed her over to her doctor where they gave her another steroid shot and told us to go immediately to Children's Hospital. The doctor called the hospital to let them know we were on our way. I ran home and got Adam and we went straight down. We got in right away and they started her on a breathing treatment. The treatment didn't work so they wanted to make sure she hadn't accidentally swallowed something so we got xrays done. The xrays came back with nothing lodged so we got another breathing treatment that didn't work again so we got admitted to the hospital!! This was scary and Riley was having a very hard to time breathing. It didn't help that she was crying and screaming which makes it worse. We went up to our room and stayed over night and she got so much better that the next day we got to go home!!!! We maybe saw 15 or more doctors and nurses while we were joke! They said this was one of worse cases they had seen. Now we know that if she ever gets it again that we need to act immediately with steroids and this special breathing treatment you can only get in the hospital.

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